Errors & Omissions Insurance

The Association of Professional Engineers Bylaw 17 states: “Before entering into an agreement to provide professional engineering or professional geoscience services, a member, licensee or certificate holder must notify the client, in writing, whether or not professional liability insurance is held. The note shall include a provision for an acknowledgement of the advice to be signed by the client.”

Mann Engineering and Planning Corporation carries Errors and Omissions Insurance with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London as arranged by Ironshore Canada Ltd. with liability limits of $250,000 per Claim / $500,000 per Policy Period. This insurance does not cover liability arising from our failure to complete work on time, preparation of cost estimates, projects in which Mann Engineering and Planning Corporations or any of her employees have an interest and certain other exclusions. To the best of our knowledge, this insurance policy covers the services that we have and will be providing to you. A copy of our insurance policy is available for inspection upon request.

If you are one of our clients and you have not yet done so, would you be so kind as to print out this page, sign it and fax to 250-391-9983 or scan and email this back to us?


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