What duties does an engineer have that clients may be unaware of?

  • The duty to inspect that which he or she designs. An engineer is required to inspect what he designs. He or she cannot simply seal a set of plans. The engineer must provide a package of services to his or her client which must include both design and field reviews.
  • The Duty to Inform the Client about Insurance. The Engineer must make the client aware of whether or not he carries errors and omissions insurance. Mann Engineering and Planning Corporation carries insurance with liability limits of $250,000 per Claim / $500,000 per Policy Period. A copy of our certificate of insurance is available to clients upon request.
  • File organization and storage. Engineers are required to organize, index and store project files. Although the files must be kept for 10 years, Mann Engineering keeps files indefinitely.
  • Professional Development. Engineers are required to accrue an average of 80 professional development hours per year.

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